Your life insurance expert, Marlene


"I can do in-home appointments!"

Marlene, our Life Insurance specialist here at Kirkpatrick Insurance is dedicated to helping people proactively protect their loved ones and interests when the unexpected happens. With over 6+ years experience in this field, she'll meet with you in order to find the right game plan for your needs. 

We have a vast variety of companies we work with, this allows for maximum customization. Meeting in the home is for your convenience but our office is always available to you! See our explanation of annuities, final expense and all products below.

Types of Life Insurance Offered


Whole Life / Final Expense / Term

Whole life, typically bought in smaller amounts, these policies are meant to stick with you till the moment you need it. Such as for funeral expenses primarily. They also can accrue a small cash value which can be used for your benefit. The premium on this policy remains the same and as long as it is always paid, this is a policy you can fully depend on. 

Term policies are typically smaller premiums for larger cash amount and insure a person for a specific amount of time. Such as 10, 15, 20, 30 years. 

Since term insurance can be purchased in large amounts for inexpensive premiums, it can be a good fit for short-range goals, such as to cover loans or income replacement during child-raising years. 

Universal Life (IUL/UL)

These types of policies were built to give the insured some flexibility. The have death benefit and cash value buildup that is invested to an extent which can provide wealth accumulation. 

Long Term Care

This is not only a life insurance policy but a plan with a range of supports and services to meet your personal care needs. This process can be very involved but necessary. The needs for in-home care, assisted living facilities or nursing homes are increasing and the costs can be steep. Preparing for this ahead of time can help off-set some of those costs.


Although there are a variety of options for annuities the main goal of this investment vehicle is to accumulate money and create a reliable source of income for your retirement. This can alleviate the fear of outliving your assets. 

Guaranteed Issue Policies

This product is most suitable for individuals who may be otherwise uninsurable due to health issues. These types of policies typically don't require medical exams but can be expensive for the amount of coverage offered. They also have graded death benefits.

Disability Income Protection

Like car insurance covers your vehicle and home insurance covers house, disability coverage insures your paycheck so you aren't left in scrambles after an injury or sickness. Serious conditions can put you out of the workforce. This type of coverage can provide you with monthly payments to take care of everyday living expenses.